Friday, May 29, 2009

It's official...if the AP and MSNBC say you have a movement, then I guess you do!

see the story here:


  1. I remember when Tommy Hilfiger told blacks not to buy his clothes and they called him a “racist”! Is this any different?

    I think that there is a huge double standard….”BET”……”FUBU”……if whites tried that…..Pffff……Its unfortunate, too bad “Americans” cant focus on just buying “American”…….sorry

  2. Answer to todayperhaps:
    People normally buy in their communities, with people they know and trust. Every immigrant community that has come to America has done that and prospered. You do it everyday without even thinking about it. So why is it unconscionable when Blacks try to counteract the deliberate dismantling of their businesses throughout U.S. history (i.e. Oklahoma and Florida settlements and attacks by racists groups too innumerable to list)? It's sad that you don't see or understand the overall purpose and obvious benefit to the U.S. that this drive brings to all communities.