Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lora McDonald, a Kansas City woman (see her picture to the right), is stirring up buzz because she made a vow to only support Black businesses this year. While she has announced she will do EXACTLY what we just did... you should know that she is not affiliated with EE, has never reached out to EE, and did not bother giving credit to The Empowerment Experiment in her media appearances. The NBC Action News (Kansas City) reporter, Lisa Benson, (see her picture above Ms. McDonald's) who covered the story did not mention The Empowerment Experiment, reach out to EE, and has not yet responded to my email about this matter.

We will assume Ms. McDonald's vow is well-intentioned and wish her success in her endeavor to support Black businesses.

Here is the story and video: http://www.nbcactionnews.com/news/local/story/Woman-Vows-to-Only-Shop-at-Black-Owned-Stores/iIPO-DBzu0-0hEA_9SJHwQ.cspx


  1. Thanks for posting. The comment board for that story was out of this world ugly ugly ugly.

  2. I wrote a reply to those comments, you right it is as ugly as it gets. Fear of the unknown and a violation of the social contract.

  3. Thanks to each of you for your kindness and support. I got this idea from prayer. I had been depressed about my work, though I was "successful", because I advocate and push policies for people who have been incarcerated. I didn't like that I was earning a living off a societal problem that disproportionately impacts African-Americans. When I began telling others about it, a friend told me about the Andersons and found a link to this site for me! I was delighted and contacted you via facebook. Maggie Anderson quickly and kindly wrote back, near the end of last year. When my friend Lisa said she wanted to do this story, I told her no initially, not wanting to go public. This is not about attention...the attention clearly was not all good. I am doing this for the Lord I love, the people He loves and mostly wanted to create a dialogue with others about what it would mean if we really cared where our money came from and where we chose to spend it. Thanks for being a part of that dialogue! Many blessings to each of you! ~Lora McDonald, Kansas City

  4. I have not read the other comments in this string so forgive me in advance if I sound like a broken record: Although the report is Black the story is about Black people and Black people are not credited as the source of the story has nothing to do with the story.

    I believe in supporting Black owned businesses even when it is not the most cost effective solution, because I remember a time when I could not step into the front door of Sears on State Street back in the day and God forbid if I wanted to shop at Carson's

    Allow me to clarify; The producer of the segment has 15 seconds to 3 minutes to tell a whole story. Often producers and editors cut out portions of a television news story that will raise more questions than it answers. This is the fault of the world moving to a digital source for information versus hardcopy newspapers. Instead of getting your ass on your shoulders be more positive and less condescending in your comments. It makes you the better Blog to keep me updated on this matter.

    By the way I looked everywhere on your page(s) to send you this comment away from the sight of others but I could see no way to contact you via email

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