Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My friend Scott

Hello EE family! This has been a big week for us. Our little project just went national. I am ready to make this real, to take our message all over the world. Did you EE today? We're gonna talk more about that later. Right now, I want to introduce you to my new friend. Peep our exchange:
i've been teaching in south-central LA for about seven years now. even though i'm white, i try to support the community i work in by doing as much shopping as possible there.

keep it up, i hope you see the results you want to achieve.


hello scott, i am maggie anderson, the founder of the ebony experiment. i have received hundreds of calls and emails of support over the past 24 hours. this one means the most to me.

i am glad you understand that all we want to do is start getting black people to believe in a different reality for themselves. this had NOTHING to do with hurting, punishing, or excluding white people. we do this because we know our own people don't even believe that things could be better. that places where black people live can thrive economically and be beautiful and vibrant. this is reality that should be possible in america, for everyone. in this reality, those names that you see controlling business and the economy in america... walgreen's, penney's, walmart, hilton, merrill lynch, etc... just maybe some of them could be black, hispanic, whatever.

that this is about black america versus white america. i am saying "we are america too!" black people will never realize the economic empowerment absolutely necessary to improve their communities unless they start believing that their own people, talents, and resources are good enough to fix their own problems. we're not there. we don't have the love, pride, and belief in ourselves and what we can do. my journey this year is simple. i am telling the world that i do believe that black people, black entrepreneurs are just as good as anyone else. and i am going to show that i believe in them by living off their goods and services for a year. somewhere along the way, my biggest hopeis that the kids you are teaching start looking at their community and their people in a different way. i want them to really believe that they ARE america too. they are equal too. that it is not totally insane to believe that one day they can buy a toaster from a department store created by someone who looks like them. what a beautiful, empowering reality that would be for a black kid in south central LA.

Margarita Anderson
CEO and Founder
The Ebony Experiment


  1. Your third paragraph says this is about black America versus white America, but I can tell from the context that's exactly the opposite of what you actually mean. Just wanted to give you the heads up so that you're not unintentionally misunderstood. I'm intrigued by your experiment, and I hope it goes well!

  2. I thought I had registered at the website but have not received any emails. I'm registered here now to keep this front and center. I was hoping to find a list of businesses. I have a small one of my own of places mostly on the south side and in the south suburbs.

    The fact that we have to talk about this shows how much we are in the infancy of our thoughts. Others don't talk about it publicly. They teach it to their children and so should we so that it is a foregone decision and habit.

  3. A standing ovation for the spirit and energy for the Anderson's to educate, motivate and inspire others to support their own. Other ethnic groups have had the same practice and there is nothing wrong with it. I pledge to do the same and home others will too! I have a business that sells Body Shapers. The business is quite a successful one but, there are so very few brothers and sisters that think about starting their own business. Invite others to try this business and invite others to support them as well because it's needed. For more info please email me at
    Hopefully more than 2 millions will step up to the Anderson's challenge!!

  4. Greetings

    I am at Chicago State University (CSU)working on a grant proposal, that due on May 8th, to start new enterprises with students working with local Community and Faith-Based Organizations. I would love to have you and other progressive minded persons to become partners in this initiative. Contact me at

    Peace and Blessings

  5. Thanks soo much for stepping out and up with this project. I myself desired todo the the same thing but just didn't and don't have enough information to the black owned business. I haVe Some of the products but not a lot of info on the bussinesses

    Thanks and Yes I support you

  6. Just would like to say I have been inspired. I'm going to start a "Buy White" campaign. Thanks for the great idea!!

  7. Your Project has the feel of divisiness and un-equality!! I don't understand-this is not furthering our Country!! Especially in these hard times!! i do not think of someones ethnicity before I patronize a business. I have only heard of this concept in the History books.This is not part of my world and I am thankful to God for that!! Why would you want to cause division where so much progress has been made. I surely would look at other hinderences such as the Black Genocide that is being perpetrated against 1700 black babies a day in this country. It's called the negro project -and it is disgusting!! Planned Parenthood plants all their babie killing factories right in the middle of poor black neighborhoods-don't take my word for it. It's true. This is serious stuff-These organization is ran by a black Pastor(since that matters to you)Why do you think Hispanics are the largest minority group in America!! Does not make since huh, Blacks have been here since Jamestown-they should be in equal number with Caucasin by now -but their not!! Check out The Reverends site from above. Empowered is not buying from one group of people-empowered is not killing off your race!!! God Bless and know that this is not Going to bring people together but only divide.

  8. How about an experiment where we purchase local American goods and services? Why does it have to be about the pigmentation of our skin? When it comes to buying goods and services smart consumers will make purchases that make financial sense.

    I hope in the near future we as a society unite as one and stop referring to people by the color of their skin. America has been established long enough that our "ethnicity" is AMERICAN. Not White. Not African-American etc. Unless someone from another country comes to the US and decides to become a citizen then and only then should they be referred to as German-American, Asian-American, Dutch-American or African- American etc., etc. Once someone is born in the US they are an American. I have no problem with societies celebrating their heritage but until we as a nation change the way we "refer" to certain groups or how we claim ourselves as being apart of certain ethnic groups we will never move forward as one nation. We need a movement to stop racial divide. Promoting and exploiting a movement that “black” Americans should seek and buy goods and services only from “black” Americans is another example of continuing our nation’s struggle of racial divide.

    If you want to start a movement that will make an impact and begin change I have a suggestion. Let's get our nation, societies our government's to stop asking us on every form, application, document what have you... "What our Race is"? "Our Skin Color"? "Our Ethnicity"? The standard question of “US Citizen or Not” is and should be sufficient.

  9. Hi,

    I have several online businesses and because I live in the South, I have deliberately hidden the fact that I am a black woman. Many are the times I would like to open up and be me and show the world that my success has nothing to do with the color of my skin, but I have been too afraid of losing business to do so.

    I believe that one of the first things we need to do an a nation is to stop referring to the many races of people in this country by skin color. Because of our history and positive and negative connotations associated with black and white, it is a continued disservice to all Americans to continue to do so.

    I stand by to support the Empowerment Experiment and I will follow your progress.

    Lynne Gordon